Monday, October 19, 2009


Every year I give Things 1 and 2 the same answer when they ask what I'll be for Halloween: "I will be a noyed." (Annoyed. They don't ask that much anymore, if the truth be told ... the joke wore thin probably even before I first told them.)

Dressing to excess and demanding bad candy isn't for everyone — me, for instance. However, there was the good point years ago when I got to see how happy it made T1 and T2. It has been many years since they wanted to hallowander with me ... but I don't think that's what turned me against the holiday.

Of course, not everyone agrees with my take. There are dads who embrace the holiday like a seasonal hadj. There are others who like it all, except for the costumes in extraordinary poor, bad, and even execrable taste.

And then there are dads who, at least according to actor, director, writer, producer Sky Soleil, take the family pranks to places it should not go. In short, fathers, never make your kids fear to lose face when they tell the story of "How My Dad Killed Dracula."

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