Sunday, October 18, 2009

Working on It

Let's consider the artwork of the movie poster. This week's objet d'eBay advertises the remake of The Stepfather, getting its couple weeks of critical attacks in the theater before moving on in movie history,

A necktie? For a horror film?

There's supposed to be (or at least more of a hint) of nudity and violence. There's also supposed to be something of a plot and suspense. Actually, what's apparently needed in this movie are some of the bits that make an Apopka, Fla., stepdad's story so much more intriguing. In that case, steppa Wade Edwards came home from work early and shot the teen boy having sex with his teen step-daughter. Four shots. No death. But Nudity. Violence. Apparently all the elements of a horror movie, but no death.

The art of the stepfather film remains a work in progress.

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