Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have a Heart, Pop

Stefani Germanotta bought her dad a heart. First she wrote him a song (Speechless), but, apparently he didn't pay attention to her fears for his death so she spent a bit of her advance against music royalties. Not much newsworthy about this until you add that the father of SG is the pop of poptart Lady GaGa — who will be tattooing how she hearts dad to celebrate the successful surgery.

It would be nice if this idea would catch on — buying, not tattoing, the heart ... to be more specific — specifically in the case of Omar bin laden, who was offered some change to speak up about the father who beat him and encouraged him to become a suicide bomber. It is probably too late, but if some of the money from Growing Up Bin Laden were to be spent on getting a (presumably metaphorical) heart for the evil Osama it certainly couldn't make things worse.

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