Sunday, November 1, 2009

When an Angel Gets His Wins

Today's hint for the father who has been a tyrant: do a [George] Steinbrenner and stay alive long enough to be feeble and remembered fondly. Thus, we have this week's objet d'eBay, the March 1, 1993 Sports Illustrated cover (highlighting the featured article, "Will the Boss Behave" inside), playing off what an ass the Yankees' owner often made of himself.

Today, having been an increasingly silent and absent presence in baseball and with his team leading the 2009 World Series 2-1, Steinbrenner is suddenly "pops." Now, driven in golf carts to death's doorstep, he is beloved by sons Hal and Hank who combine to run the team, as well as to the "Bronx bombers" themselves. The story seems to be building that when (if) the Yankees can win two more games to take this year's title, then "pops" will be able to ascend to heaven as a beloved, sainted character (except for those of us who will never get beyond that tyrant thing).

Apparently, in one man's transition from ass to angel there is some sort of lesson for us all.

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