Saturday, December 5, 2009

Facebook Father Facts

Apparently, reaching out to others — even multitudes you do not know — is the new way to reach out to your father. Maybe it's always been this way, only now it's news and so seems new ... via Facebook.

Children can defend dad, as Sarah Henderson did when she FBed about her father's firing from General Motors, "Have fun with GM, I hope to never buy from this God foresaken company again. F- all of you."

Kids can set up a FB page to ask others to help them search for dad, as David Legg's children did when he suddenly walked out of their Christchurch house with health issues and following a family feud.

And they can even try to convince their father in a way they can't by making a one-to-one appeal. Such is the road taken by Speck Mellencamp, who made a deal with dad, rocker John (Cougar) Mellencamp, to collect 1,000,000 FB signatures in exchange for pop going cold turkey on his nicotine addiction.

On line pleadings for offline happiness. Who knew?

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