Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Choice Leavings

Today's party game for fathers is "what would you rather leave your child?" The options are an inheritance of immunity for crimes or free money from the government.

On the one hand, you could be crime boss John Gotti and leave a "teflon coating" to your son, Junior. Father eluded conviction three times by virtue of a mistrial (before getting snatched for life on the prosecution's fourth try) and son, privileged inheritor of the "gee, I dunno nothing about that dead body" gene has now beaten his pop's record, achieving four mistrials in the last five years and home making breakfast for his six kids.

Your other choice is to Bruce Beeler, whose passing two years before his wife gave birth to a child doesn't keep her from his social security survivor's benefits, according to a federal judge. Six-year-old Brynn will be banking some federal funds for college in the name of the father she'll never know until we all go Back to the Future, unless a judge's decision is overturned on appeal.

A get-out-of-jail free card or a free pass to the nearest bank. If you had the choice, which Monopoly card would you deed your kid?

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