Thursday, January 7, 2010

Choices and Punishment

Let's try looking on the bright side. A dad may make a stupid (stupid, stupid, stupid) decision. However, that doesn't mean he can only make bad choices.

Yes, it is true that the guy who put his growth-stunted daughter in a dryer and turned it on (and not for the first time) probably is not someone to listen to about taking care of household duties. And no matter how much balloon-boy dad, Richard Heene, claims he had  no idea what stupid act was going on in his house, we can't believe him.

HOWEVER, Michigan's Armando Kasto should be spared a jot of credit. Yes, he probably went driving drunk. And, there's no denying that he compounded that stupidity by taking his kids with him. Truly idiotic also, neither the 2- or 4-year-old were in carseats. But in his defense — and this is what gives up some hope for his and his kids' future — after he crashed his car into a ditch, he did not leave his kids in the car in freezing weather while he went for help. For this walk with his kids with him he has been arrested! Of all the choices he made, surely keeping his kids with him was the best; the one he should have made ... but that's the one he is in trouble for: it seems likely he's not going to learn the proper lesson here folks.

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