Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Hoopie

Every newborn is news, BUT THIS IS BIG NEWS ... please forgive the pun.

Basketballer Yao Ming will be a father. Yao, 29, the 7'6", 310 lb. center for the Houston Rockets and Chinese National team (and currently out with a foot injury that may be a sign of the end of his career) has been outed as a father-to-be with wife Ye Li, 6'2."

The only thing people really seem to care about? How tall will the baby be?

A billion-plus Chinese and fans around the country are counting on this baby. And if the child happens to be a boy who wants to be a jockey? Good luck kid. Your only chance is that Yao and his wife are lucky enough to be allowed by the government to have two, not just one children so you can hope your sib goes to bat for you, so to speak.

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