Thursday, January 21, 2010

The What If Path

The stories of men are filled with what ifs. What if, for example, John Edwards, the finally-admitting-paternity politician, and the late Matty Gannon had somehow had their lives merged or even switched. Edwards made millions as a trial lawyer and has fought for years to take responsibility for marital indiscretions as well as a child fathered during one of them. [Earlier: Judgment Days] Gannon, a man of relatively modest means, was biological father to one girl and adopted another 23 children, as well as serving as foster father to even more.

Would Edwards have used his money differently if he'd had Gannon's sense of responsibility? Would Gannon have been corrupted by Edwards success, or his hair? What if a little bit of the better of each life had rubbed off on the other? And as long as we're dreaming of a perfect world, what if pigs could fly?

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