Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ground to a Halt

Have you, perchance, lost dad?

Kiwi Clarrie Winnie had two families. There was tension and little talk between them. Each thought the other had taken possession of him (his ashes, anyway) upon his passing. Neither had.

For 20-some years Clarrie's ashes &mdahs; perhaps another Angela's Ashes in the making? — have sat at the Hasting's funeral home of Tong & Peryer. Finally, son Chris, 50, began wondering where he might lay a flower for dear old dad and found that the old man was still above ground. He tracked down the urn and took care of the rest:

"It's great to know he is finally at rest. I have just been up to the cemetery and nailed up a cross and put a bunch of flowers there. Walking away I said, `There you go dad. I've done good by you.' It brings closure," he said.
He was lost, but now he's found, wasn't blind, now can't see. Still, amazing grace.

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