Friday, February 5, 2010

Zuma Pic: Is Right Right?

Get Hollywood on the phone. Quick! ASAP! Stat!

The pitch: Take the genial goodness of Fred Mac Murray,  the dad in My Three Sons, apply the edginess of Bill Hendrickson (who plays Bill Paxton) in HBO's polygadrama Big Love, and then roll it into a "based on a true story" feature pretending its all the life of South African Prezzie Zuma [Earlier: Polygamy Post] whose XXth son said folks should get off his back about all his wives and children — including his latest, a four-month-old with a woman to whom he is not (YET) married. As XX, Duduzani Zuma, says:  "It is my father's right within the context of his culture to have as many children as he wishes."

To which we can only add that it is "a right" certainly, but that does leave open the moral question for the film — the hook for all the highbrow critics, while the lowbrows will no doubt enjoy the creation of 20-some kids — of whether his right is the right thing to do. We're seeing multiple Oscars.

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