Thursday, May 13, 2010

Connect the Dots ... Soon

In February 2009, Britain's new Prime Minister, David Cameron, lost his oldest son, six-year-old Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron. He has a child due in September — joining sister Nancy, 6, and Arthur Elwen, 4 — who will be the third newborn in the history of the residents of 10 Downing.

Does his daddyhood tell us about how he will handle Britain's economy, which has some significant aspects of a sick child, other than he has faced a horrible situation and kept going? Probably not, at least until his kids get old enough to land on the cover of Fleet Street rags or start twittering their woes about life with dad ... and we can slowly and in retrospect fit the results of his government with the handling of his family.

But beware daddy DC, at some time we will be able to connect the two.

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