Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do You Want Mohr?

Once upon a time, Jay Mohr was an edgy standup from Jersey (although most people probably thought he was a Boston guy) whose comic personna was fratboy, if a non-college guy could have his own fraternity. But time has gone on and the single guy has gotten married (and divorced) and married again. And he has had and lost jobs, most recently his gig on Gary Unmarried (blogged as GARY UNEMPLOYED).

No Wonder My Parents Drank: Tales from a Stand-Up DadAlso like many guys growing up he's had a son, Jackson (and like others he's found he doesn't have the sperm count for a second). And he loves him. Very much. Not the least for what he wants to see and wants people to see of himself when they look at his son. As he blogged (as FATHER, SON, NOMAR) about when he took his three-year-old to a Dodger game upon a Jeff Kent home run:

I held [my son]over my head as thirty thousand people screamed and cheered and the loudspeakers played rock music as Jeff Kent (my new hero) rounded the bases. I looked up at my boy as I held him to the heavens and saw a look of joy that is not possible on any one over the age of five. His face contourted (sic) and his voice grew hoarse from screaming. I am sure…as sure as I am sitting here typing…that if I could show people what I saw, through my eyes at that moment, I would have no enemies.
All of which is the lead in to the plug that if you want more Mohr of why fatherhood is all part of his career — and why that career is getting people to watch him grow from boy to man — then the father's day book for you is his new book, No Wonder My Parents Drank.

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