Wednesday, June 16, 2010


"...but can she cook?" For many years that was the question that demeaned women. It was the one fathers dreaded, because it implied his little girl was not pretty enough, or he was not able to provide her with a dowry attractive enough for a suitable suitor.

Today through, it's a new age (mostly). Dads and daughters have very special bonds that supersede the claims of SSs. One female columnist spoke for many when she wrote about her husband and their daughter, "The fact is that they get along just fine without me, and the more I stay out of the way, the better off everyone is." Still, as much as things change, there is still a little bit of the past we'll never be able to let go as evidenced by the news that Tiger Woods [Earlier: Not Quite Masterful] may be the father to a 7-year-old daughter born outside his wedlock. The fact is, once all the hoohaw dies down about his straying in this case (and maybe the other case of a 9-year-old son added to the two kids he had with his now-estranged wife), we are all going to be back to a simple question about his daughter:

Can she golf?

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