Monday, June 7, 2010

The Successful Soundtrack

“It’s great,” Kansas City Royal outfield David DeJesus told the Kansas City Star about fatherhood . “I can’t wish for anything better.” His son, DD Jr., was born about two weeks ago and father is still sleeping seven hours a night and his focus at the plate has raised his average over .300.

The story is a great and hopeful one, with only one dark cloud. The reporter heard him repeating the first line from the anarcho-rock band Everclear's song "Father of Mine." While that first line, part of a stick-in-your-head hook, sounds optimistic, the song actually tells the story of a son who's pops walked.

All hopes, prayers and wishes are going out to DeJesus and DD Jr. that all the great things continue. However, it couldn't hurt to choose a different soundtrack.

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