Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Worlds Collado

The tale of Jose Collado would be a perfect inspiration for the macho version of chick lit, if only such a genre existed. Spanish musician Collado, 61, claims that his mother was the housekeeper mistress of the Marquis de Larios and that his father was the "otherwise" childless Marquis of the fabulously rich and famous gin clan.

For ten years Collado, who grew up in an orphanage (he claims because the Marquis wife found out about the affair and pressured his mother to get rid of the bastard ... him) has been pursuing his claim. The Larios family has been less than helpful in welcoming him to the family. Now, a Spanish judge has ordered an exhumation of the gin guy, who died in 1954, for a DNA test. While Collado says he is only doing this to know his father and that he — known professionally as "Pepe El Trompeta" — has no interest in claiming the millions of dollars and acres of estate due he who would be sole heir, the story is not over yet.

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