Thursday, July 8, 2010

G, B and very, very U

Today's good, bad, ugly files include stars, a superstar and a startler.

Starting with the good takes us to the Tour de France, where father (who happened to be the final rider in 1987 to wear the yellow jersey of the leader) Stephen Roche is commenting for the telly on son Nicolas, a rider who has at least a couple stage wins in his sights. Their mutual admiration is, well, admirable.

Moving to the bad, brings to the fore the apparent get-rich-quick scheme of of Leicester Bryce Stovel who is suing LeBron "unmarried father of two" James and mom Gloria for millions because they won't accept him as the DNA provider of the Cleveland superstar (at the time of this typing as he is making an over the top to-do over an announcement of where he'll bounce and dunk beginning in fall 2010).

And now the ugly. A 43-year-old Florida gent, Christopher Hugh Woodward, decided to spend a few days away from the son he lived with. So he stole his car and ran up his credit card balance, which he stole as well.

Probably should have closed the file drawer after just pulling out the good one ...

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