Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laughing with (or at) Fathers?

Consumer products monolith Procter & Gamble decided in its behemoth wisdom that the world needs a SAHD site — specifically, its own. Thus, the creation of,

The site — apparently envisioned to give un(der)employed fathers something to do when the kids are asleep and they are tired of cruising their home computers looking for jobs and viewing porn — offers parenting hints, blogs, subtle and more obvious pitches for P&G products and features wisdom from among others, the pops of DadLabs. [Earlier: Qs&As with DoDads - Dad Labs].

MotH also showcases the fine line between parody and condescension in pop culture regarding fathers who give care and that P&G may not be the most agile firm at tiptoeing that fine line. As part of its launch, the site features a "lost script" to  Mad Men, the cable television fantasy of the 60s advertising world that coincidentally begins Season 4 in a few weeks. The script imagines manly man character Don Draper as a whingeing, unemployed father who lives without a clue of how to take care of his kids. His haplessness might be funny to some, but it does beg the question of what the site sponsor actually believes about its audience.

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