Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Your Mess Now.

It is practically divine wisdom that suggests fathers should have more than one child just in case ... but maybe some should just stop at one.

In the case of possibility-thinker Rev. Robert H. Schuller — who took his ministry from a rented drive-in movie theater to a ego-stroking, echo-echoing glass megachurch — two daughters and a son has given him the cushion he needed. He first tapped son Robert A. to take on running his multi-million dollar megachurch biz, but A. had to tap out and find himself a less stressful gig. "Baby" daughter (born 14 years after her her older sister, 11 after her brother) Carol Schuller Milner ruled herself out of supporting pops by hanging in infamous homes and writing ill-received (i.e., not creationistic enough) plays of the creation.

So the Bobster has done what perhaps he should have done all along [Earlier: Not Just Games]: he turns all the reins over to oldest daughter Sheila C. Schuller Coleman as his Crystal Cathedral ministry bleeds money and hemorrhages corporate infrastructure. In the spirit of the ministry (and big-selling pos-thought author) she promises only positive possible outcomes.

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