Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not Just Games

The higher than reputable Financial Times opines that it is sport (and pretty much only sport) that gets fathers to spend time and talk with their children.

Unfortunately, it is an article that dims the credibility of the institution (and it's not as if newspapers need more bad news for their credibility). There is also work and religion — or even combined together — as exemplified by Crystal Cathedral's Sheila Schuller Coleman taking over for father Robert H. in the troubled megachurch. [Earlier: Meddling in the Middle] And at the other extreme there is also blame, instead of salvation, as in the case of a Chicago-area son whose dad is charging him $560 for a dent in the car that insurance is already covering.

Sport. Religion. Work. Punishment. Probably more, but too much to try and contain in one short piece on bonding fathers and children.

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