Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Out With Papa

Among the ways dad and daughter Osbourne are connected is in their pursuit of the just-a-bit-off public persona. Somehow, somewhere there is a movie in the works that will take a look at metalist/reality dad Ozzy Osbourne's life. Among the folks the man well known for his head banging tones and dove- and/or bat-head chomping ways

For that movie, Ozzy (born John Michael about 62 years ago) has suggested that either (African-American) Denzel Washington or Prince might be good at playing his life as a dyslexic, high school dropout from Birmingham, England, who grows up to claim the mantle as "Prince of [Rock] Darkness." To match her father, daughter Kelly is throwing her panties in the ring to be cast in the movie as Ozzy's wife even though, "’d be a bit weird having to make out with someone playing my dad!" Wake up Signmund Freud ....

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