Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can You Really Strip Fathers of the Year?

From the "I didn't know that was possible" file comes the news that the Australian state of Victoria has taken back its 2007 Father of the Year Award from Australian cricketeer Dean Jones. Apparently his nine-year-affair and a child out of wedlock was not taken into account when the wise men and women who decide these things voted.

Given that precedent, perhaps there could be reconsideration to the 2007 FoYA to noted adulterer, former senator and apparent all around sleaze ball John Edwards. [Earlier: Judgment Days and Protection Racket] Assuming that adultering is a deal breaker, then perhaps it should be in the juries consideration that when Edwards gave his acceptance speech — with his cancer stricken wife applauding approvingly in attendance — his mistress was pregnant with the child he would later renounce and never quite embrace.

If your stomach can take it, perhaps your mind will be tickled by Edwards speech, with irony and fatousness unbound:

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