Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did We Mention Your Pre-Deceasers?

Tall, dark, handsome and being set up with multiple females sounds like a pretty good life. But did we mention that there is a baby on the way in two months for the soon-to-be surrogate pop? It may also have slipped our mind that the actual impregnator died of some sort of "spontaneous" diabetes, which followed the rise and fall of his predecessor who seemed to be in good health until he passed with a "sudden" heart attack.

And so the saga of Kesho begins. The 11-year-old "black back" gorilla is being moved from the Dublin to the London Zoo before the new baby is born so that one of his first acts as a new father is not killing his child. The explanation for his presence being necessary within the menage is that without him the ladies (ages 11, 17 and 35) will become unsettled. Instead, given the fates of his predecessors, we're betting Kesho is one unsettled father in the very near future.

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