Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'd Pay to See That

Today's news that the O'Neals (troubled Tatum, near-insane Ryan) have moved in together as part of their pitch for a reality show raises one, very important question: How much money could be made with a pay-per-view Celebrity Death Match (real, not cartoon) between father-daughter teams  O'Neal and Lohan?

From the far corner, we will have the actors and decade-long spatting O'Neals, who were most recently in the news when daddy Ryan admitted to hitting on beloved (?) daughter Tatum at his lover's funeral. [Earlier: Denouncing de Dad] Facing them for all the [lost] marbles will be the spotlight addict Michael — probably hoarse and sweaty from the recording session for his song for his incarcerated daughter — and the currently re-habbing, choo-choo-off-the-tracks cuckoo, actress Lindsay. [Earlier: A Nnoying]

It seems like a big payday for someone. Where's Don King when you really need him?

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