Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Construct, Launch, Shoot ... Don't Head Butt

From at least as far back as Oedipus (the king-to-be who slaughtered dad, the king-who-was), father-son relationships have been complicated. No surprise then about Everson, Pa., pop Phillip Silvers, 31, slashing into headlines for head-butting his 7-week-old son. However, that shouldn't be the only way that dads make news.

So it is with great pride and admiration we note teams that work. There's Joisy City's Alfonso Carrino and son Anthony who watched an old firehouse for six years before plunking down the money to begin constructing a dream, fire pole included. A hat tip as well to New Yawkers Luke Geissbuhler and 7-year-old Max, who launched an iPhone 100,000 feet into space for 100 minutes to video planet earth. And, finally (although certainly not the last father-son team to celebrate ... and perhaps a bit more controversially), point your browsers to 82-year-old Joe and Outdoor TV channel employee Jody Tornabene who are looking to drop a moose on the new show Drop Zone Hunting.

Dads, Kids, words to the wise: construct, launch, even shoot, but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HEADBUTT, no matter how complicated things get.

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