Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't Be Stupid When You're Acting Stupid

Today's lesson for fathers comes courtesy of Hemlington's Adam Kirby and NYC's Juan J. Rodriguez. Note to selves:  if you are going to do something really, really stupid for your kids, do it in the service of a billionaire, not scumsucking drug dealers.

Brit father Adam Kirby claims that he borrowed money from heroinistas in order to give his kid the most wonderful Christmas ever. He couldn't pay it back and soon began warehousing drugs in his apartment (the same one in which that kid lived) to make things right, or else, with the drug thugs. Police and probably the court are not particularly sympathetic. Unfortunately, they also weren't amused when he carried the stun gun in his pants while on parole: his barrister claimed it was for self-protection (we can only imagine).

Much happier is Rodriguez who took up  billionaire Alki David's million dollar challenge to streak President Obama. Trying to drum up some biz and buzz for his website,, of stupid people doing stupid stunts, David promised the money to anyone running naked except for the site's name where POTUS could possibly see them. Rodriguez did, was arrested, claimed he was only doing it for his kids' education, and has been released on $10,000 bail. David first said he would renege, but now says that stupidity will pay off.

Money wins. The End.

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