Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Rod, Odd Rod

Underlying all the good news about Rod Stewart and fatherhood is an ineffable creepy something. Roderick, 65, is on course to have  a baby in August. No. 8 will be with with wife, Penny, 39. Two through seven go: Kimberley, 30, and Sean, 29,with first wife Alana Hamilton; Ruby, 23, with model Kelly Emberg; Renee, 18, and Liam, 15, with actual No. 2 wife Rachel Hunter.

And then there's the first daughter. At age 18 rocker Rod and a now somewhat embittered Susanna Hourde produced the young lady now known as Sarah Stewart, 46. He claims he couldn't afford her ... and so off she went to adoptive parents. While father and daughter have known about each other for many years, they are reconciling now.

So, a new baby and a rediscovered relationship. It should be pure and wonderful news. Yet, not completely. Something about a 66-year-old guy changing nappies and anger and upset persistings from a father who ignored his daughter for nearly 30 years hovers like a storm cloud waiting to open up. Wake Up Maggie: it's about time to grow up Roderick.

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