Monday, November 15, 2010

Cole Miner? Daughter

For the most part, Nat "King" Cole is missing and omnipresent from daughter Natalie Cole's reminisce of her struggles and faith, Love Brought Me Back. The new book is a rather slim (176 pages) look at only two years of her life. Those are the "highlights" of her slide down from the heights she reached singing through electronic magic with her iconic father, she picked up Hep C — possibly through heroin use — and was saved by a liver transplant.

Love Brought Me Back: A Journey of Loss and GainHer second memoir, it seems a strange way to try and revitalize and publicize a career. That said, the oddity of this as a career move may be a result of not knowing how much of her father to include in her work. She achieved a following staying far away from his music, but had her greatest success — and received some of the most stinging criticism — when she duetted with daddy in Unforgettable. And after the peak (chronicled in memoir No. 1, Angel on My Shoulder) came the struggle of whether she truly honored or her father or lived off him ... and the fall into book No. 2.

She has her health again, but the struggle continues. Can she be her own artist or just her father's daughter. And if not one or the other, how does she blend both for career success and personal happiness?

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