Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will You Root-o for Rizzuto?

For most people, the Sandwich Generation years (i.e., when you assume responsibility for both parents and children) are difficult. However, Montreal's Teflon Don, Vito Rizzuto seems to have found himself a somewhat worry free way to make it through those years: he went to prison and his father and son got whacked. One inconvenience of his incarceration, he missed out on the funeral for his son (who got his in a back alley while looking at some real estate he was purchasing) and now for his pops (who was taken out at age 86 by a sniper while he ate dinner in his home).

It's all part of the Montreal Mafia Wars that have likely brought an end to the Rizzuto family. However, before one consigns the Rizzuto's to history it should be noted that the meat of the sandwich, Vito, is set to be sprung in 2012.

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