Monday, November 8, 2010

If I Were Your Packager

With a foreword by Chicken Soup and book packaging guru Jack Canfield, it certainly appears Julia Espey is on the right track with her package of If I were Your Daddy, This Is What You'd Learn. The entrepreneurial single mom has collected the essays of 35 mostly white, mostly politically conservative  gents. Her collective of fathering wisdom runs the gamut from A to W (i.e., Harvard shrink Abraham to Fatherhood Initiative Warren) and are all seem to have become involved as a way to promote their own projects and constuencies.

Is there good advice? The author seems to think so.

Still, on the most superficial of critical levels there seems to be a possibility of falling off that Chicken Soup track via the disconnect between the title of the book aiming at one audience (children) while the sales pitch is clearly aimed at another (moms or moms-to-be who buy books for fathers or fathers-to-be). Slurp up.

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