Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's His Line?

There is no way around the biology: One can't father alone. What "the choice" of mate say about the father, however, is not always a clear message. For example, does Sunderland's Keith Macdonald make poor choices about "girlfriends" or is he just unlucky in love?

MacDonald, 25, fathered first at age 15. Now, he is dad of nine children by nine mums — or possibly 15 kids by 14 women. His latest breakup offers little clarification of the state of mind for the unemployed (clearly no amateur he) progenitor. It seems his pregnant-with-twins, 24-year-old latest went a wandering after spending three months in cohabiting bliss. An unemployed 20-year-old DJ has captured her heart and so she is off to raise her babies — her last she promises — with him. Poor Keith will apparently be left with nothing but the solace available from his nine or 15 or however many children he has ... unless, somehow, his heart (cough!?!?, cough!?!?) allows him to rebound once more.

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