Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something Is Not Everything ... But It Still Is Something

Playing the blues is defined by the mix of the sacred and profane. Living the blues is also a mix of the high and low. As Claudette King told Essence about performing while being one of a legend's 15 children:

I have to stand up as an artist and represent B.B. King to the fullest -which is hard to do at times. Whatever is expected out of me has to be beyond great. Being his child my music has to be almost flawless because my father is a legend. That can be challenging.
A legend, though is not necessarily the most available father. Dad King referred to his 275-plus days a year of touring schedule when he explains:
I have regrets about what I did, how I've done it, at all. I haven't been the best father to my children, and the reason why I haven't been the best father to them is, I haven't always been there when they needed me. But my mind and love was always there. And thinkin' of their education, how they would be when they grew up, has been one of my motivating forces that have kept me doin' what I'm doin', to make sure that I leave something for them that I didn't have when I came.
We're Onto SomethingDaughter King doesn't actually sing the blues in her first CD, We're Onto Something. She mixes a bit of daddy and a bit of all the influences making their way in when dad wasn't around. The result is not her father, but nothing that is going to embarrass him either.

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