Saturday, December 11, 2010

[No Apostrophed] Im So [Achy Breaky] Sad

You hate to kick a dad when he's dad. So, let's just think of this as a slight foot bump to Billy Ray Cyrus. [Earlier: Picture This and Achy Breaky Dad ]. There have been a variety of (mostly faux media-induced) scandals surrounding daughter Miley. The newest is her legally getting kooky on salvia. His response as a father is to tweet his heart, "Im [sic] so sad":

Four tweets. Sad about his daughter videoed smoking salvia; happy to be following "Jesus tweets"; peddling his show; and quoting JFK on the importance of living by his words. (Is he trying to choke irony all by his lonesome?)

Normally you'd ask "what are you thinking?" Sadly, he seems to be sharing an oblivious and self-absorption that certainly seems unlikely to score him points in most father of the year contests. Oh (and here's the foot bump), it's probably not so good for his daughter either.

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