Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Old Is Gold

Old dads rock.

It is true that aged sirers are usually fodder for announcements of how they might offer wisdom and perspective but are also more likely to pass along health hazards to their offspring. [Earlier: Fathers Times; Children Children; and Biological Clock] But new research by British geneticist Steve Jones finds that older dads producing sperm for life is actually good for the genetic diversity the species needs to continue evolving.

So don't wait until a dad's 100th birthday as conductor Zubin Mehta is doing to honor his father, Mehli Mehta, with a colossal concert in his Indian homeland. Find an old guy (say at least 50 or older) who's up to the challenge of a new kid and buy him a drink, a wee dram of whiskey should do is the least you can do to celebrate his gift of life.

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