Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blame Games

It runs against everything most people believe about dadding, but there is glory in getting out in time. If a dad misses his moment — either leaving too early or too late — to let go, there's only blame.

So let us celebrate the surprising sagacity of maestro Jamie Spears [Earlier: Imagining Steve], who having brought daughter Britney back from the edge and just as she finds great success living in a Circus is about to let her go. Who (other than Mel Gibson) knew what a genius the Louisiana layabout would turn out to be?

But that genius is what is needed to avoid blame. Drew Barrymore blames her failed relationships on her dad checking out too early. In "Humor Abuse," his autobiographical stage show, Lorenzo Pisoni blames his dad for his poor timing as well. Father pickle, Larry Pisoni, brought all sorts of angst into his son's life (although there seems to be some sort of undefined credit offered as well to the old man).

The fact is that even when you think you have let go blame can still come your way. Just ask Bill Gates Sr., who has just called for higher taxes on his gazillionair son to pay for public schools he is unlikely to ever send his children to.

Some days when checking through the news it seems that "blame" is just another anagram for "father."

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