Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dad, the Familiar

A son wants to break free of a dad and become "an artist." Hmmm. Somehow that plot sounds vaguely familiar.

That familiarity to some, however, in no way means it's not a completely new and compelling idea for others. So, in the spirit of The Jazz Singer — the first talkie, with a plot of a Jewish kid who just wants to sing and has to escape his (physically) tyrannical father — comes "All About Dad." AAD tells the tale of a 2Gen Vietnamese immigrant who has to escape his (socially) tyrannical pop so he can make a movie.

Have we run out of ideas? Father Knows Best is coming back as a feature. [Earlier: What Would Bob Say?] And for playing another always in rerun dad (that let him make pudding commercial and got him some work as a book author pretending to be a family expert) Bill Cosby continues to receive acclaim.

Admittedly, dads have been around for a while. Still, it is hard to believe there is nothing new to say about them.

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