Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tour for "That's My Job"

As far as googlesearching goes, there is nothing remotely Jewish about Conway Twitty. Yet, it is hard not to think of schmaltz on corn pone while listening to "That's My Job" and fighting back at least a small tear. The twist at the end of the lyrics when the son makes his father's chorus his own is enough to turn even the hardest soul a little verklempt.

Twitty wanted to be Elvis and managed to do okay without going down that road. He has been gone over 15 years, but the good intentions of his song do live on ... in various stylings:

In addition to the videos, his four children have finally stopped fighting with his third widow (the one that was none of their mother) and have produced Conway Twitty: The Man, The Music, The Legend, The Musical, which they have also made their story and put on tour of mid-sized theaters and fairgrounds. No doubt they would like you to think, in the paraphrased words of their father: "Everything [they] do is because of [him]/to keep [him] safe with [them].

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