Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sparking and Misfiring Daddy Brain

According to a recent study, becoming a father starts sparking certain "paternal circuits" and make for a better problem solver as The Daddy Brain clicks on. Not to take anything away from the researchers, but can it really be that TDB is how teen(y) dad Levi Johnston ends up on tv shows and in a cat fight with his daughter's grandfather [Earlier: Age of InNoSense and Unmarried Teen(Dad) Smackdown] , as well as how a man with normally abnormally low testosterone convinces himself that continue to slather cream on his arms is testimony to how much he loves his daughters.

It seems that parenthood doesn't seem to kick off the same thing in each man's brain, or set him on the same source. Perhaps the best way to get answers to what happens when a man fathers is to go to the source, The Daddy Brain itself, for answers.


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