Saturday, May 16, 2009

"The Talk" Talk

Once again it's time to talk sex talk. This time, courtesy of the Father Cutie's father.

Alberto Cutie is the Miami priest caught frolicking, presumably as a Catholic he is following the Church's dictates about unprotected sex so it's a good thing that this father didn't father (yet). However, his father did and we're betting Alberto's dad never came through with a successful talk about the birds and bees or any other intra- or interspecies sexual relationships.

It's not an easy talk, even for the parent who is completely open and honest about the subject ... such as the Polish dad who tried to buy his son a hooker for his 14th birthday only to find his little chip had opted for the undercover police officer.

Naturally, Hugh Jackman has already managed "the talk" with his 8-year-old. However, he does have superpowers.

For the remainder of dads out there, don't end up fathering father Cuties. Consider turning to the experts, your kids:

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