Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Now a Whole Month ... whoopitdeedoo

Where can one go to cash in a month? This is the dilemma now that the governor of Wisconsin has declared all of June ours.

FAB u Lo Us ... fathers don't just have a day, but now a whole month in which to receive faintly acted upon words-of-praise and tchochkes. The best one dad — who really should know better — could do for his father was to pen a paean in a newspaper column ending with "you da man!" I hate to be rude, but bleecccchhhh!

It is true that times are changing. For example, the folks at DadLabs [Earlier: Qs&As with DoDads - DadLabs] get some nice press in a USA Today article on different approaches to dadding, and receive it more for their serious approach to being a dad than their non-serious approach to dispensing good advice.

However, it is not as if anyone has yet come up with the perfect gift for dads (certainly no one size fits all solution like the ever popular anything-you-make-your-mother-will-be-perfect). And so we are all stuck trying to cash in our month and hoping we get a little more for it than we get for our day ... not that what we receive from either could possibly match what non-material benefits we hope to get back from our kids.

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