Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goin' Fishin'

Unless you're fishing for food (and usually even then), the sport is best celebrated as a time for bonding, whether with others anglerly-inclined or with family. This week's objet d'eBay, the story section from the May 17, 1936 issue of agricultural outland focused Grit magazine.

A wondrous example of father-son fishing are Turners, Jeff and son Taylor, who are taking the summer to fish all fifty states in just fifty days. While their progress can be followed, they say they are on a mission to build and inspire closeness between other fathers and their kids and so it is probably better if you go out and fish yourself.

However, as with all things fatherhood today, fishing is no longer just dad and son time. Gents, drag out your daughters as soon as possible — 14 months is way not too early to bring joy. As so lovingly sketched on the Grit cover, fishing, or just being together, is perfect fun and bonding for everyone ... except the fish.

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