Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Like the Great Partnerships

Imagine a son who would proclaim his innocence by suggesting dad's psychological acuity was in question when Sr. fingered him as a criminal mastermind (as if?). Actually, you don't have to imagine it, just consider the pleading of Florida's Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr., who asked a judge to release him to his own custody, because, "With the exception of the statements that have been made, coerced, bullied or manipulated out of a mentally ill person, there is no hard evidence that links me to the scene of the [parents of 17 who were shotgunned to death].

This is not the sort of working together and partnership we want to see from father-child crime teams. However, in today's world it does seem more common as even firefighting son Paul Bradley Jr. looks like he's blaming his father for growing the marijuana for sale in a Massachusetts-Maine case that has caused them both to be hauled in.

Perhaps the boys need to look to the girls for model as so far, as California's Sholeh A. Hamedani does seem to be standing with father Nasser V. as the two are charged with taking millions from investors who thought they were supporting a web site to keep kids safe. Instead, the money was put to non-childish uses such as supporting the Hamedani's gambling, cars and mortgages and other personal expenses.

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