Friday, September 4, 2009


"But it's not my fault!"

Which father hasn't endured that plaintive progenal plea, often following some parental curse at events? Sometimes, of course, it is the child's fault, but it certainly seemed like a reasonable course of action at the time. Such a series of events is reported from Nakuru, Kenya.

Rather then celebrating and offering his blessing when he returned from a business trip to discover his son was newly married, Kelvin Ochoko cursed his son and caused him to be cast out of the local society. But it wasn't really his fault. Really.

Ochoko elder had been presumed dead when his family heard nothing from him for a long time after he went off to pursue money enough to make up for what his second wife's dowry cost him. And a body was found and identified as him. Soooooo..., in accordance with custom, childless Brian Ochoko, one of two sons took a wife. Actually, he took his father's new wife. This was the unfortunate surprise when dad finally came home. Thus, dad was declared alive (and cleansed). Dad cursed son. Son was cast out. His fault? Really?

The only good news for young Ochoko is that Justin Halpern, currently underemployed and living in his parent's house, has landed all sorts of attention by keeping track of his father's curses and other critical comments. He Twitters pop's invectives and agents, publishers and even film producers have all come calling. So get those thumbs moving BO.

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