Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pothole Posse

The Yin/Yang of the universe includes many places to turn for advice (about fatherhood, for example) and entertainment as well as many potholes to avoid. It appears that avoidance can be aimed in the direction of the "reality" of Househusbands of Hollywood. According to a grumpy-looking SAHD from LA, a bunch of guys living off wealthy women does not make for a good place to learn about being a dad or anything else.

As for perhaps the worst moment so far, when one loser takes advice from infamous father Ryan O'Neal. [Earlier: Denouncing de Dad] If this show is the fathers (three "stars" out of five) only chance at getting themselves some respect, they are already too far behind the Real Housewives of Atlanta (or Sheboygan or wherever else there are tv-real housewives and should probably turn to Plan B: just being the best non-celebrity fathers they can.

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