Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Way to Forgotten

The Goldmans, father David and son Sean, should have consulted an agent as well as their lawyers before coming home. [Earlier: Christmas Gifts] While the reuniting of father and son on Christmas eve after years of international legal battles should have been the story of the year, with book and movie deals pouring in, it doesn't seem to be working out that way. At least not yet.

Buzz is dying down, with only one hook being publicized: when will Sean call David "dad," with no updates since new year's eve. It's as if that Tiger story combined with the terrorist threat vacuumed up all the air from other celebrity balloons. [Earlier: Some Tiger SnarkPutt Putt Yuk Yuk and FotY 2009] Perhaps the only hope is that the folks in Brazil — the family of David's mum — haven't yet given up.

There will probably never be complete normalcy. Here's hoping, somehow, there is enough money to be snatched to make things a bit easier ... since there is no way the pain can ever be made up for.

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