Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Pre-Disappointment Phase

Some things are so, so much better in the imagination than they can ever be in reality. Among this group — it seems most likely — will reside William Shatner [Earlier: Not Your Father's Fatuous Phrase and Dads with Movie Cameras] as featured performer in the television sitcom being created from the sweet tweets of Justin Halpern. [Earlier: Curses]

Shatner has created a television persona of lovable, completely self-centered, wackiness. Halpern created a twitter persona of his dad as a ranting, teddy bear-like curmudgeon. And now a pilot has been commissioned by CBS with the unlikely-for-TV title of "Shit My Dad Says."

Will this turn out to be more than just another vanilla sitcom? Seems unlikely. No matter how "brilliant" the concept might seem, the media, the audience, the advertisers just won't allow it to play anywhere near as good on screen as it does in your head. Alas ....

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